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Wood Mouldings Processes

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1.Import FSC qualified Radiata Pine logs from overseas for primed mouldings

Radiata Pine logs for primed wood mouldings

2.Timber sawn cutting

3.Lumber kiln drying and Moisture regain with enough hours to get timber stably without shrink back or swell

Lumber Drying Process for primed mouldings

4.Use super strong glue for finger joint and edgeglue process to avoid of cracking and bending


5.Shaping Moulding accurately


6.Coating on both surface, special formula to prevent coating chipping off issue

wood mouldings process

7.Sanding to make surface very smoothly and no need sanding further when apply with finish paint

8.Put on base primer on both surfaces, you can see very thin coating for the moudlings

Wood Mouldings Processes

9.Packing with plastics wrap to prevent off getting wet

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