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Commercial Blender Buying Guide

There are so many options between Waring commercial blenders, Hamilton Beach commercial blenders, Avamix commercial blenders, and other brands that choosing the right model for your business can be a chore. This guide breaks down the types of blenders along with the features to look for when buying a commercial blender. Whether you are looking for a robust commercial smoothie blender or a small handheld immersion blender, we’ll help you consider your options and make an informed decision.


The type of blender that you need depends heavily on the environment where it will be used. For instance, making smoothies all day will require a completely different blender than making only a few margaritas per night.

First off, consider the type of business you run. What foods will you use the blender for? Will you be using it to puree creamy soups, or will you be making tantalizing smoothies? Then, think about how often you’ll be using the blender. Some blenders are designed for lighter-duty use and wouldn’t last in an environment where they are used to make dozens of drinks every day.

Also, some blenders have features like programmable controls or timers that make them more efficient for use in high-volume kitchens and bars. If you are going to be making the same recipe over and over, or you want to set the blender for a specific time and perform other tasks while it does its job, some of these features can make up for the higher price tag by saving you hours of time and labor.


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