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Wine Tasting Room Basics

As with most ancient and things, there’s an etiquette to tasting wine. Not just for customers, but for people who sell wine, too!

People who are serious about wine don’t want to just spend their money on a mystery bottle. By opening a , you can provide prospective customers with an opportunity to try your product. But more importantly, a lot of people will visit wine tasting rooms for a fun day out. Let’s explore some of the ways a tasting room can benefit your business as well as some ways you can give customers a great experience while helping select their new favorite wine.

Benefits of a Wine Tasting Room

If customers have a great experience at your wine tasting room, they may keep it in mind for their next party or recommend it to their friends. People don’t necessarily trust advertisements, but they do trust their friends, so providing excellent customer service in order to build a loyal fan base is a great approach to boosting your sales.

  • Make a Personal Connection - Some tasting rooms are designed so that customers can sit out in the vineyard and slowly sip their wine. And while that scenario is lovely, it doesn’t necessarily help to educate your guests or close a sale. Encourage customers to engage in a dialogue with staff so that they can make a personal connection and create a memorable experience.
  • Set Up for Success - To get the ideal setup for a wine tasting room, get the longest counter you can manage. That way, more people can sit and chat with your staff, rather than taking their sample to a table in the middle of the room. Bar stools also discourage people from lingering too long, as they might in a booth seat, for example.
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