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Mechanism charcoal,Artificial carbon, recycled carbon, smokeless clean carbon


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Mechanical carbon -- as the name suggests, machine-made carbon, also known as artificial carbon, recycled carbon, smokeless clean carbon, is a kind of carbon stick extruded from wood chips.The raw materials of stick carbon are widely available, such as rice husk, peanut shell, cotton husk, corn cob, corn stalk, sorghum stalk, etc., which can be used as raw materials to produce stick carbon, and sawdust, shavings, bamboo chips are the best.It has high density, high calorific value, smokeless, tasteless, pollution-free, non-explosive and inflammable. It is an internationally recognized green environmental protection product.


1.Environmental protection: do not cut down trees, use bamboo and wood products waste production, turn waste into treasure.While the production of ordinary charcoal to cut down trees, damage the ecological environment.

2.High energy: about 80% fixed carbon content, calorific value 7500-8000kcal/kg, while charcoal fixed carbon content is low, calorific value is about 6500kcal/kg.

3.Clean and hygienic: smokeless and without charcoal head, no spark in combustion, no floating residue during combustion, less residue after combustion of 3% or 6% or so, inflammable.

4.Regular shape, reasonable structure, easy to use: uniform length and size, hollow or solid structure, conducive to combustion and use.

5.Low water content, less than 5% : common charcoal water content.

6.The product contains no chemical substances, no toxic odor, no pollution, long burning time and other advantages.








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