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Competitive Customized Solidwood Cabinet

PRODUCTDETAILSProductItem: CompetitiveCustomizedSolidwoodCabinetThe solidwoodcabinets fromuscanbekitchencabinet, bathroomcabinets andsomewallrobecabinets,wemainlysupplycustomized

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Product Item:  Competitive Customized Solidwood Cabinet

The solidwood cabinets from us can be kitchen cabinet , bathroom cabinets and some wallrobe cabinets, we mainly supply customized  styles.

What we supply: cabinet carcase, door plate, quartz stone top, blum brand hinge and other hardware, ABS engineering black foot, plywood skirting line, handle, double decorative back panel.


The crown moulding can be customized by your styles too,  the material can be our standard or by request too, the available material from us are as follow:

1.  Plywood with solid wood veneer


2.  MRC(moisture resistant chipboard)

      1), white melamine surface,16mm;

      2), wooden color and grain surface,16mm;

      3), solid color surface,16mm;

3.  MDF(medium density fiber) (18mm)

    1), custom-built finished color;

    2), MDF with solid wood veneer;

    3), Lacquering colors;

4. Custom-built materials


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